Three openings on DMEA board

By Press Release

Each year, three of DMEA's nine board positions are put to voters. DMEA board positions in Districts 3 and 4, and in the south region are up for election this year.

District #3 is comprised of the North Fork Valley and a Highway 92 corridor extending south into Montrose County.

District #4 is comprised of an area along either side of Highway 50 in Montrose County, east of the city of Montrose and extending south to the DMEA service area boundary.

The south region is comprised of DMEA's service territory in Montrose County.

Eligible members who live in these districts may become candidates. Nominating packets will be available beginning Monday, March 28.

Qualified candidates must be over 31 years of age; may not have been an employee of the co-op for three years prior to taking office; may not be employed by DMEA while serving as director; and may not be a relative of a DMEA employee while serving.

Full details are available from the co-op or with candidate packets.

Results of voting are normally announced at the annual meeting, which will be held this year June 16 in Montrose.