Throw 'em all out

By Bruce Many

Dear Editor:

The Democrat Party should be ashamed. Its members have enacted programs that reduce personal initiative. They are harming this country with illegal immigration, handouts to able-bodied people, a "health insurance" program that greatly increased rates, deductibles, regulations, and costs, taxpayer-funded payouts to cronies (Solyndra plus), expensive, unconsitutitional legislation, and so much more.

And Republican Party politicians should be too embarrassed to appear in public. For seven years they've promised -- if we would just put them in power -- tax reform, "repeal and replace" and other laws to counteract expensive and intrusive legislation enacted by Democrats. So how much more power do they need than the presidency and majorities in the Senate, the House, and state governorships? When it comes down to it, they're too spineless to make any move that might antagonize a voter.

When this country first began, it was a sacrifice to serve in Congress. Pay was low and travel to the capitol could take weeks, as could communication with family and businesses left behind. Most members served a few years out of duty and returned to their "normal" lives. Today, politics is a career and too often gaining power, money, and prestige rate well above citizens and the country.

I think we need to throw all politicians -- of both parties -- out and start over. They've become the "elites" who will do anything to stay in power -- and the heck with the American people.

Bruce Many