Travis Mills, Gail Schwartz make a great team

By Penny Heusche

Dear Editor:

Working together Gail Schwartz for U.S. Congress and Travis Mills for Delta County Commissioner can make a wonderful team that will promote and protect the North Fork area organic food producers. The North Fork of Delta County is well known in Colorado as being the major area for producing high quality organic produce. Travis Mills' ideas for getting NF produce to the "Eastern" Slope are resourceful, creative and practical. He envisions NF packing sheds and use of the railroads when the coal has been played out. He does not advocate shutting down coal mines. Mr. Mills would like to develop the river and train corridor to enhance tourist visits, promote recreational use and commuter use via train from the Paonia area to points west. He feels that the arts including "Shakespeare in the Park" and events for all ages can be promoted by having a natural acoustic amphitheater centrally located in Delta County.

Travis Mills is a fifth generation of the Mills family which has helped to build Cedaredge and worked in the mines. Throughout Delta County he cares for each individual and his or her concerns. He has worked for the federal, state and local governments and has extensive knowledge on working in economically depressed counties. Travis Mills has also worked with nonprofits. He has developed bipartisan contacts and is enthusiastically looking forward to use his skills to promote an improved economic future in Delta County.

Gail Schwartz respects and understands the importance of the concerns of the Delta County North Fork people who want to protect our water in quantity and quality. She does not advocate drilling in the Hubbard Park-Muddy area and this is in sharp contrast to Tipton who is supported by the oil and gas interests wanting to drill in this area.

Penny Heusche Cedaredge