Trump is politicizing the military

By Robert I. Laitres

Dear Editor:

While playing around with this or that, some fundamentals get ignored. One of those things was a recent request by Trump to have those on active duty in the military become involved in domestic politics by calling their senators and representatives.

The United States Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) specifically prohibits any individual on active duty from becoming involved in domestic politics, or even to criticize any public official. Far too many in the military (officers and enlisted alike) either never learned that, or have long since forgotten it. Those at the top of the military services, if they have even the slightest clue as to why that prohibition exists, will enforce it. They will first enforce it on themselves, and then demand it all the way down the line. What Trump was attempting to do is not only asking those on active duty to ignore that prohibition (violate a provision of the UCMJ) but, in doing so, effectively attempting to politicize the military.

Robert I. Laitres