Trump is the wrong choice

By Bob Connor

Dear Editor:

Donald Trump's base is base. The Republicans dug their own hole when they determined that only those thoughts promulgated by the thought police on the right were to be used by their candidates.

The candidates were cowed while Trump was not. As a result, voters on the right have moved toward him. It is a travesty because the Republicans are not truly being represented to date. It is time for other factions to step forward. Is there a viable candidate in the wings who can truly represent the party of those who are sometimes viewed to covet money over all else? Think about it. All Trump represents is money and manipulation. Where is the party of Lincoln? If they stick with the philosophy that government is the problem, the country will be stuck with no government and so will their party. They have no real chance with their candidates threatened by a failed philosophy of do nothing and be proud of it.

The fundamentalists have no business dictating religious tenets as policy. We are not ISIS, why do we imitate them. There should be enough inflammatory rhetoric here to get conversation going and give the real Republicans a chance to speak up.

Bob Connor