Trump limits our right to know

By Melanie Son

Dear Editor:

We take our freedom for granted and believe that it will continue to exist. President Trump has just taken the first of many actions to limit free ability for us to know what he has decided what our national government agencies can do. Actually he is doing multiple actions by decree. The cabinet members are nominated only to implement his decisions. The cabinet members will therefore limit federal agencies.

This is all to be expected, as President Trump often explains, "It is legal." Now he put a gag order on the Environmental Protection Agency among others. That means that we ordinary citizens will not have enough information to respond to those agency decisions. This is just a start. How many gag orders will President Trump put on the rest of the federal government? Will this not eliminate freedom of speech and freedom of the press?

He will ensure his dictatorship and state, "It is legal."

Melanie Son