Trustees handle town business

By Hank Lohmeyer

Among the business items heard by the Cedaredge Town Board at its regular Oct. 15 meeting was discussion of a report on the town's fire insurance ratings.

Town Clerk Patricia Luna outlined a report from a ratings agency. There was discussion of a 10-year program of improvements to increase ratings. Town public works staff said the ratings report placed the town, which has numerous fire hydrants, together with surrounding rural areas which are not as amply equipped with fire hydrants.

Trustee Ray Hanson noted that he has gotten reports recently from four different individuals, each of whom had a different home fire insurance carrier and all four had recently gotten rate increase notices on their fire insurance policies.

In other business at the trustees' meeting the following matters were dealt with:

• Board members agreed that it is not the time to apply for grants to construct a pedestrian bridge across Surface Creek at High Country Park.

• Trustees approved an ordinance for parking restrictions on Main Street during snow removal operations.