Unite to save our coal mines

By Shirley Balleck

Dear Editor:

Here in northwest Colorado, we would like your help in fighting the EPA and Wild Earth Guardians. The Wild Earth Guardians have sued Colowyo Coal Mine in Craig. If they succeed, 220 miners will lose their jobs and it will devastate our little town along with Meeker and surrounding areas. We are hoping to get everyone who cares about coal mining, agriculture, etc., to stand with us by sending an email to Sally Jewell, Secretary to the Interior. So please go to your computer and log in to SupportColowyo.org. and send a message along with your signature. Please make some comments about your concerns. If we pull together and fight these entities as a "big community" instead of as individuals we may have a chance at saving our coal mines and communities. Don't take anything for granted and don't be complacent. The EPA and the WEG are after coal mining, farming, ranching and oil and gas. Send in your names and comments today as the comment period ends on Aug. 14.

Shirley Balleck