Upset by trespassers

By Evelyn Morrow

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter terribly upset.

I have had a huge wasp's nest in my cherry tree that I have been keeping my eye on. When I discovered it, a gentleman who was looking at it with me asked me if he could have it. He said he would get it when it froze because the wasps were too active right now. He was going to take it down and give it to the school if they wanted it. I was more than glad to give it to him.

On Sept. 21, I went to show it to my friend who was visiting and lo and behold, someone took it upon themselves to break this nest into many, many pieces. I was really upset and angry. Whoever did this was trespassing into my yard. They had no business coming into my yard and destroying something that was mine. I wonder what happened to the wasps! My wish is that someday this person gets stung really bad.

Evelyn Morrow