Vandals strike cemetery twice

By Pat Sunderland

On the afternoon of Tuesday, Nov. 21, 32 headstones in the Delta City Cemetery on 3rd Street were knocked over. Tony Bohling, City of Delta parks supervisor, says the vandalism was discovered by a citizen walking through the cemetery around 4:30 p.m. City crews were on site until 3 p.m., so Bohling surmises the incident took place between 3 and 4:30 p.m. The Delta Police Department was immediately notified, and on Wednesday a monument company was contacted and asked to provide an estimate to reset and repair the headstones. Bohling said the estimate came in at $9,500. Two stones were damaged and will have to be repaired.

On Sunday, Nov. 26, the same citizen notified city staff that 13 more headstones have been knocked over. Again, the police department was contacted. One damaged stone will have to be repaired, but Bohling has not obtained an estimate on that cost.

The stones that were knocked over but not damaged were simply put back in place. The damaged stones were removed until they can be repaired.

The Delta Police Department is asking anyone with information pertaining to this incident to call the police department at 874-7676 or Crimestoppers, 874-8810.