Vision learners step up to reading challenge

By Press Release

Vision learners step up to reading challenge | Vision Charter Academy, school,

Ranger Edmonds

"The success was unbelievable!" said Vision Charter Academy executive director, Willyn Webb, about the school's first ever readathon. The VCA Read Away went on for three weeks and challenged learners to read at least 30 minutes per day outside of school.

Through the course of the campaign, participating learners read over 36,000 minutes and raised over $6,000. The funds will go to support student-led initiatives such as clubs, trips and special programs. "This proved to our learners that even the 'fun' stuff starts with literacy," Webb rejoiced.

"While the money raised was impressive, most humbling was watching so many kids transform from reading because they had to, to reading because they loved to!" Webb said. Ranger Edmonds, who won the top award for reading over 2,000 minutes, said it best, "I was the one that hated reading the most, and I got the most minutes!"

That's what Vision Charter Academy school is all about -- guiding students to become lifelong learners. Vision would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the many community members who donated time, books and money toward this endeavor. Whether you gave to a learner who had no one to pledge for them, or offered incentives to urge on reading, you changed lives!