Volgamore elected mayor, creates board vacancy

By Hank Lohmeyer

Volgamore elected mayor, creates board vacancy | Orchard City, Election

Ken Volgamore

Ken Volgamore has been elected to a four-year term as Orchard City mayor in the April 5 municipal elections.

Volgamore has served half of a four-year term as trustee he was elected to in 2014. One of the first orders of business for the new board of trustees, which had four members elected in the April 5 vote, will be to begin a search for an appointment to serve the final two years of Volgamore's trustee term.

Volgamore got 431 votes out of a total 742 cast in the Orchard City election. His vote tally amounted to 58.09 percent of the votes cast in the mayor race, according to the county elections department.

Jan Gage, a former trustee who was also running for mayor, got 311 votes, or 41.91 percent of the total. Responding to an opportunity to comment on the election, Gage emailed the DCI, "The citizens of Orchard City have spoken. Caring for the health, safety and general well being of our town is a big job. I wish the new mayor and board of trustees well in their endeavors."

Volgamore told the DCI following the election results, "I am very happy to serve as Orchard City mayor, and I want to thank all the voters."