Vote with your head

By Bill Sutton

Dear Editor:

By now you have received your ballot in the mail. Before you mark it, think about who you will vote for and why. When I vote for a Delta County commissioner, and I will vote, I will vote for the candidate that best meets my expectations. I expect my candidate to be honest, to be fair, and to represent my values. I expect my candidate to have integrity. I expect him to know, understand, and follow without question the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. I demand that he will live by and follow the 10 Commandments.

But most importantly, my candidate must be fearless in his beliefs; that he will not succumb to political correctness imposed by others, and he will fight tirelessly for what is right without compromise.

Based on my evaluation, the one candidate that will get my vote is Roger Bentley. I believe he is a fighter, not an appeaser, and that he will fight for what is right, not for what others demand. I don't expect him to do what I ask him to do: I expect him to know what is RIGHT and do what is RIGHT.

Bill Sutton