We're fortunate to have a facility like DCMH

By Tom Huerkamp

Dear Editor:

Big kudos to Delta County Memorial Hospital for being recognized on a national level twice. First to be named to the top 20 rural community hospitals in the entire nation was great. Now add the recognition of being one of the top 50 "Critical Access Hospitals to Know" is truly wonderful. Congratulations to Jason Cleckler and the entire staff of DCMH. Having been a patient there for several days last year I can tell everyone that from the cleaning staff on up, we are blest to have this wonderful care facility in our community. Delta County is truly lucky for such a small community to have great health care providers, doctors, hospital staff, ambulance services and senior care facilities. Health care is a major economic engine here and is one of the few industries growing and continually improving.

Tom Huerkamp
Orchard City