We're lucky to have DCMH

By AliceMarie Slaven-Emond, FNP

Dear Editor:

How lucky we are to have an outstanding hospital right here at home in Delta County! I recently had a new knee replacement there.

As a nurse practitioner, I was super nervous as I really knew the risks. Being on the other side of receiving health care means I didn't much have control, which is a very anxious feeling. I felt well cared for from the painless IV that Nurse Sharla put in at pre-op time, to the pre-op information from CNA Bob and OR Nurse Dean. They listened to my requests and concerns. Dr. Huene and whomever as his surgical assist must have been fantastic as immediate post-op was near painless and without my normal problems with post-op meds. The floor nurses and NAs were rock stars too! Thanks Amber, Ashley, Andrea, Becci and Promise! (Missing one NA, sorry!) Lab even said they were sorry to have to poke me! RT and PT were polite and most encouraging. Kudos to the kitchen staff on Thanksgiving! My noon meal was just fabulous! To all behind the scenes, know my family and I are most grateful to you also! Thanks to all! I am up 'n about ready to return to clinic this week.

AliceMarie Slaven-Emond, FNP-C Delta Health and
Wellness Center -
Family Clinic