We're lucky to have great health care

By Rodney Myers

Dear Editor:

We have a very nice hospital with a very professional staff. They saved my life. On Sunday, Jan. 31, I was admitted for shortness of breath. Tests showed I had multiple blood clots in my lungs. On Monday, Feb. 1, things went from bad to worse. This is when our great docotrs, nurses, and all other staff involved stepped up to save my life. They knew what had to be done and did it.

Once stabilized, I was taken by ambulance to St. Mary's in Grand Junction to continue my recovery. I do not remember much of that day, so most of this is something from the people who were there to see this happen. All I know is that I am thankful to be here and it's all thanks to the DCMH staff. For a small community, we are lucky to have the medical personnel that we do. I, my wife, my daughters and all my family and friends want to say thank you!

Rodney Myers