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We're under attack from regulatory agencies

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Dear Editor:

Once more the federal government seeks to enrich itself on the backs of the citizens. The DCI's Sept. 23 article notes that Cedaredge's obsolete hydro equipment is located on the town's own property. If the town was exempt from FERC regulation on energy production, it should still be exempt if it is non-producing because it now has even less effect on other energy producers. The EPA demands that the building not be repurposed to save money, but that it be destroyed and the site "returned to nature'" -- which would be waist-high weeds. Isn't government brilliant?

This nonsense must be attacked at its root. Our jobs and the economy of our state are under continuous attack from federal regulatory agencies. Under the Constitution, there is no excuse for this. Article 4 Section 4 states that the states shall be guaranteed a republican form of government. Dictionary: Republic: A state or nation in which the supreme power rests in all the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives elected, directly or indirectly, by them and responsible to them.

Federal regulations are not written or debated by the elected legislative branch. In a shocking dereliction of duty, a past Congress purported to "delegate" legislative power to agencies established in and by the executive branch. This must be ended immediately. All regulations must be written and debated in Congress, and the agencies must be moved into the legislative branch. Agency overreach of the last decade or so must be rescinded by the agencies, or repealed by Congress.

Another violation also exists: these executive agencies have "administrative law judges" to execute the draconian penalties provided in the regulations. That function belongs only to the judicial branch, which it operates on the principle of fair representation and jury trials. The regulatory agencies provide neither. (A local jury could nullify federal overreach).

I say to Scott Tipton, Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet: You, as my representatives, have not addressed any of these problems. You have been there long enough to become part of the problem. You must not understand the Constitution, and that makes you unfit to serve. This seems to be true of most members of Congress.

At this point, the leadership of both parties is the enemy of the citizens. Their only purpose is re-election. Problems are not to be solved, they are to be milked to reap campaign contributions. Past mistakes are not repealed, they are endlessly patched and diddled around with. This is easily taught to elected newcomers.

The only solution is to vote them all out every time. Consecutive terms in federal office must be forbidden. I will vote for any conservative or Libertarian opponent you have. If we cannot come up with a fresh, competent, honest candidate in each district every time, the nation is doomed anyway.

Bill Coates

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