When facing change, let's make it change for the better

By Helen West

Dear Editor:

Several months ago I wrote two letters to the editor regarding the changes in our valley and state. Many of these changes are because of the regulations against the coal industry. I had no statistics to base my facts, only common sense, reading and hearing about it, and a deep love for this valley. I appreciate all the favorable comments I have received because of my letter.

A couple of weeks ago, Tom Harris, the executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition in Canada, wrote a letter to this newspaper. I hope most, if not everyone, read it.

Mr. Harris wrote his letter in a way that I didn't, but with the same message. He said were coal not crippled by over-regulation, it is probable that coal, not natural gas, would be the cheaper option. He wrote, "If you tied his legs together and his hands behind his back, basketball star Lebron James would lose in a one-on-one against me. Similarly, coal is not allowed to compete in a fair and open marketplace with other energy sources, so naturally it will often lose out."

He had no reason to write his letter because, unlike me, he had no personal reason. He only wanted to "tell it like it is." He wanted to tell the truth, no political motivation, no political propaganda. He gave his website, www.climatescience

international.org. Look it up, read it and use your own common sense.

Then, look at our valley, look at it with love, and feel the heritage that made it the way it is. We all must face change, but don't we want our valley to change in a good way? Do we want to lose our young families because they can't find jobs? I may be too late, but I pray it's not.

Helen West