Women's rights are human rights

By John Heckman

Dear Editor:

We participated in the Women's March in Grand Junction on Saturday, and it was great!

People in the thousands (says the GJ Sentinel) assembled at 8th and Grand then marched down to Main Street and on to the Convention Center. Imagine a moving sea of people, mostly women, young and old, many wearing pink "pussy hats" (more on this in a moment) and carrying signs. We were all there to bring notice that women's rights are human rights, that love is stronger than hate and fear, and that everyone deserves dignity and respect.

It was a powerful and hopeful experience that reminded us that we progressives are not alone, even in this very conservative region. I don't know of another gathering so large anywhere around here in recent memory.

About those pink hats with kitten ears -- this is an intentional effort to claim the girly color pink and the derogatory word "pussy" and turn them into symbols of strength, unity and support. The effort is successful, too. Check out the online photos of coordinating marches nationwide to see the vast pink arrays of hats! Now, whenever you see folks in these pink hats, you'll know that they believe in human rights for all, including you.

This old white guy is going to get one and wear it proudly.

John Heckman