Work begins on Jay Avenue bridge

By Hank Lohmeyer

Work begins on Jay Avenue bridge | Cedaredge, Bridge,

Photo by Hank Lohmeyer Construction work on Jay Avenue as seen last week.

Work crews got a good start under clearing weather on the project to replace the one-lane Jay Avenue bridge at Cedaredge

The project's original cost estimate was $542,000. Turning again to grant money to help with projects that challenge the town's limited budget, the Department of Local Affairs approved $380,000 for the work.

Since then, contractor G.A. Western Construction has changed the design and lowered the cost to $408,000.

The company's work proposal states, "We are proposing to build a 40-foot bridge. We propose to build a bridge on piling instead of box. Our proposal eliminated the need to work in the stream bed and will not disturb either the water or the gas lines. [Our proposal] eliminates the parking and pedestrian path, but makes allowances for a walking/bicycle lane in the north lane of the bridge. It will widen, realign and raise the roadway for better and safer travel. The bridge will raise the roadway [two and a half feet] above the existing structure. This will greatly improve water flow for 100-year flood requirements."

Town officials said that Jay Avenue would be closed for up to four months for the work even though G.A. crews got off to a good project start last week.