You can do something about climate change

By Wayne Quade

Dear Editor:

I am incredibly hopeful that the upcoming Paris Climate Conference can bring about a strong commitment among nations to put firm limits on carbon emissions. This is not only a tardy international need, but the harbinger of an improved economy as we transition to renewal energies rather than rely on depletable or non-usable fuels (due to climate change). We are grateful that the president understands this, and has committed to his participation in this conference. I would support a moon landing type national goal or target to transition to renewable energies.

On a local level, we have a group forming a Citizens' Climate Lobby chapter to promote the politically neutral and nonpartisan concept of carbon fee and dividend. Our introductory workshop will be Sunday, Dec. 6, at 2 p.m. at the Montrose Library conference room. Our hope is to start interest in promoting transition to renewable energy in this country. We welcome interested people.

Wayne Quade