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'Livable climate' letter demands a response

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Dear Editor:

I must respond to the fear mongering, intentional deception and manipulation of Pete Kolbenslchag in his letter, "A livable climate should matter to all of us" on global warming. From the Snowtel data the drought of 1977 was worse as was the multi year drought of 1934 as was the 15-year drought of the 1200s that caused the Anasazi Indians to desert Mesa Verde. So what is global warming really?

From the best source from high precision satellites that have monitored the entire globe for the last 40 years, global warming has amounted to just a few tenths of a degree over that whole period.

Sea level rise is likewise intentionally misrepresented for political purposes. Sea level has been rising since the end of the last ice age 16,000 years ago. Per high precision satellite altimetry since 1992 it's about 1/8th inch per year (3.4 mm) now, but by comparing the rise in the 1800s to present day, nature is responsible for 4/5th of it. That leaves man possibly responsible for 1/5th x1/8th = 1/40th inch per year. That is if we banned all fossil fuels from cars, trucks, power plants and banned cows from passing gas mainly methane and suffered the huge economic loss and world wide poverty that would entail, we could slow down sea level rise by one inch every 40 years, yet these demagogues would have you believe Miami Beach will be underwater by 2100. What a load! What a lie!

Lastly everyone seems to assume increased CO2 is bad. Yet commercial greenhouses that can dial in CO2 don't choose 285 ppm of the 1700s or today's 400ppm. No, they dial in 1300 ppm which nearly doubles plant growth and makes them drought resistant since they open up for less time to get enriched CO2 they require thus evaporating less water.

Look at what they are doing. These people, I'll bet mainly Democrats, would have you in poverty and control your life as in they do know what's better for you than you do. This whole game, global warming, sea level rise and CO2 is just one big power trip. Tell them to take a hike.

Mike Mason

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