A Little Help organizing Service Saturday in May

By Press Release

A Little Help in the North Fork Valley is having a Service Saturday! on Saturday, May 13. If you are a member of A Little Help or even think you might want to try it out, call the office, 527-3482, to sign up. Our volunteers will come help you with spring cleaning and spruce-up, whatever that might be. There is no charge for this service.

If interested in volunteering, and like the concept of "Connecting Neighbors to Help Seniors Thrive," call the same number (527-3482) to sign up. This is a very rewarding experience for all involved, and everyone will have a lot of fun doing it.

Volunteers will meet at Apple Valley Park pavilion at 9 a.m. to get organized over coffee and pastries. Lunch will be provided.

If you have any questions about A Little Help or about how a Service Saturday! works, contact Randy Campbell at 970-260-0106 or rcampbell17440@gmail.com.