A plan to unite all behind Trump

By Clarence (Sonny)

Dear Editor:

I have a sure plan that will enable the Democrats to increase the amount of "positive" they do for their constituents and the nation after the next presidential election. They really haven't achieved much in the last two years because they've been so busy bashing President Trump. At the same time, it's so amazing what the president has accomplished for "we the people" in two years.

Here's the plan! The Democrats should get President Trump to switch parties and have him run on their ticket for president. This will provide a very capable candidate for them since they really don't have anyone much but Hillary and a couple old has-beens to run.

This move will put all the citizens of both parties concerned with the positive running of the United States of America into action instead of just the Republicans. I'm serious!

Clarence (Sonny) Rost