Assessor: No need to pay 'finder's fee'

By Hank Lohmeyer

A private company that has obtained address lists is mailing area residents offering to have their property tax classification changed and their tax lowered, county assessor Debbie Griffith reports.

Griffith said the company wants 30 percent of any money saved by the homeowner for getting their property taxes lowered.

Griffith said there is no need for homeowners to pay the company's 30 percent "finder's fee" if their property qualifies for re-classification. Citizens can come into the assessor's office at any time and request a review of their classification, Griffith said.

She said that anyone with questions about the letter they received or about any other property tax matter can call her office at 874-2120. There is no charge for the service even if they bring the letter they received from the private company with them.

Griffith said that if a property does qualify for re-classification and lower tax on the basis of the letter they received, her office will do it for free and not charge the 30 percent fee the private company wants.