BoCC endorses pay hike plan

By Hank Lohmeyer

The Board of County Commissioners on a split vote Monday has endorses a legislative proposal that will raise the pay of newly elected county officials by 20 percent.

The Colorado General Assembly had already adopted a measure calling for pay increases of 30 percent for newly elected county officials. Pushback to that plan spawned movement to sponsor an alternative bill in the upcoming session that would allow individual counties to "opt out" of the 30 percent pay plan.

If the alternative bill is passed, counties would be able to choose from among three other options: zero raise, 10 percent raise, or 20 percent raise. If counties take no action to endorse an alternative, they will have chosen by default to pay their newly elected county officials 30 percent more.

The raises apply to the offices of county commissioner, county sheriff, county clerk, county treasurer, county assessor, county coroner and county surveyor.

In Delta County, the two county commissioners elected next November (Districts 2 and 3) would be the first newly elected county officials to get higher pay. County officials elected at the following general election would then also get the higher pay.

At Monday's BoCC meeting, term-limited commissioners Bruce Hovde and Doug Atchley voted in favor of endorsing the 20 percent pay raise amount. First term commissioner Mark Roeber voted no.