Cedaredge trustees approve ordinances before year's end


At the Cedaredge Board of Trustees meeting, emergency preparedness coordinator Kris Stewart presented the multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan for the county. This plan is pending FEMA approval and will be an update to the previous 2008 guidelines.

The county is five years past due for the update. "This plan, a guiding document, identifies hazards in the community and gives guidance for reducing exposure and increasing protection," said Stewart.

Drought, wildfire, rock fall, severe winter weather and flooding from dam failure are primary hazard concerns for Cedaredge. Later during the meeting trustees passed a resolution to adopt the plan.

The Cedaredge Planning and Zoning Commission is beginning a discussion on tiny homes. The discussion will be continued in January.

Eric Hansen, operations director for the Cedaredge Golf Course, is planning to add three more tournaments next year. Last year's tournaments raised $60,000.

"We're at a good start for getting people committed to our tournaments next year," he said.

The course is also creating another seasonal pass holder option to target working people and those who prefer to play in the afternoon.

Next year a $1 surcharge will be added to public rates to establish a capital improvement fund. The trustees approved the 2019 fees and surcharges later in the meeting.

Public works co-director Jerry Young presented a graph of water conservation, showing 2011-2017 averages with 2012 and 2018 highlighted. Based on this graph, it showed how in April and May citizens used a lot of water, similar to what they did in 2012.

Once the rates spiked, water use dropped significantly below average.

"I was really worried we were heading to be similar to 2012 in water consumption, which was a hot, dry year," he said.

Also, more snowplowing hours are logged this winter than all of last winter, which is a good sign. "This is the only town I've lived in where every street, even residential, gets plowed," said Mayor Gene Welch.

Cindy Starr with Kauai Vacation Rentals spoke to the trustees on behalf of the Cedaredge Area Chamber of Commerce. The chamber is ending 2018 with 151 members and 10 board members.

"We have some new ideas we're tossing around for the new year to do for our businesses, too," she said. Their annual meeting will be Jan. 18 at the Grand Mesa Arts and Event Center.

Next, the trustees tackled numerous resolutions and ordinances. First they approved the memorandum of understanding between ENGAGE/Technical College of the Rockies and the town regarding use of the commercial kitchen in Cedaredge. The commercial kitchen rates were changed to encourage regular use, meaning use of more than twice a month.

For example, kitchen use is set (private daily rate) at $110 a visit, but under regular use it is $55 a visit.

The trustees also finalized the HOA trail ordinance allowing the town to accept a donation of property for use as a trail.

Additionally, trustees approved the budget emergency reserves and the capital improvement plans for 2019.

The trustees approved a mill levy, which is required to be set based on an assessed valuation of taxable property. The assessed value has decreased from last year, though the mill levy will stay the same at 7.980 mills.

The trustees approved and appropriated the 2019 budget, too. "If we don't appropriate, we can't spend it," said Mayor Pro-Tem Ray Hanson to clarify several trustees' confusion.

To conclude the meeting, several trustees acknowledged how town administrator Greg Brinck was picked as Employee of the Year at the holiday party last week. "I'm proud of this group for sticking through a tough year," said Hanson.