By Press Release

Delta County Commissioner Don Suppes responded to the March 27 article, "County begins long, costly process of adding a courtroom" with some additional details.

The new Human Services building will house between 45 and 50 county, district attorney and probation staff members.

Three bids were received for the project. The numbers were adjusted to allow for differences in the design/build process. Ultimately the decision was between Kissner and Stryker with estimated costs at $3.14 million and $2.8 million respectively.

The county attorney's office has to be demolished to meet parking requirements for the City of Delta. That staff has already moved into the basement of the Brown Building.

The DA and probation modulars also have to be removed to meet parking requirements. The DA will be housed in the old Forest Service building on Meeker Street, and probation will be moved to the third floor of the courthouse.

When the new building is complete Human Services will move from its existing building on 6th and Dodge to the new building. At that time the county will begin the process of remodeling the building to allow for county administration and commissioner meeting space. The next step will be turning the second floor of the courthouse into a district courtroom.

The county also hopes to resolve the issue of courthouse security, which will probably involve moving the DA and probation into the courthouse permanently.