Details for Public Notice Bowie Resources, LLC, P.O. Box 1488, Paonia, CO


Public Notice Bowie Resources, LLC, P.O. Box 1488, Paonia, CO 81428, has submitted to the Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety a complete application for the renewal of a valid existing permit to conduct mining in Colorado for its Bowie No. 1 Mine permit No. C-1981-038. The Bowie No. 1 Mine is located in Delta County, approximately four (4) miles north of Paonia, CO. The Bowie No. 1 Mine loadout is located in Delta County approximately one mile east of Paonia, CO south of State Highway 133. All of the surface facilities are located north of the North Fork of the Gunnison River except a portion of the loadout located in Sections 29 and 32. Township 13 South, Range 91 West of the 6th P.M. The mine and loadout permit areas are located on the U.S. Geological Survey 7.5 minute Bowie and Gray Reservoir, Colorado Quadrangle maps within of the following sections. T 13 S, R 92 W, 6 th P.M.

S 2:
SE¼S 10:Lots 1-3, 6-11, 14-16
S 11:All
S12:Lots 13-15, SW¼SW¼
S 13:All
S 14:All
S 15:Lots 1-3, 6-11,14-16 and E½ of Lot 5, SE¼ Lot 4,NE¼ Lot 12
S 22:Lots 1-3, 6-8
S 23:Lots 1-9, eastern portion of Lot 10
S 24:Lots 1-6, 8, 9, 11, 12, eastern portion of Lot 10, western portion of Lots 7 & 13, S½NE¼ , NW¼SE¼
S 25:Portion of N ½

T 13 S, R 91 W, 6 th P.M. S 17: SW¼ S 18: Lots 3-4, E½SW¼, W½SE¼, NE¼SE¼, NW¼SE¼SE¼ S 19: NE¼NW¼, N½NW¼NE¼Portions of Sections 29, 30, 31, 32 Containing 5,035 acres more or less. The Bowie No. 1 permit contains 5,035 acres, 1,466 acres of federal surface, and 3,569 private surface. There are 200 acres of privately owned coal and the remaining coal is federally owned. A copy of the proposed revision is available for public inspec­tion at the Paonia Public Library, 2 Third Street, Paonia, CO, and at the Denver office of the Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (Room 215, 1313 Sherman St., Denver, CO 80203, (303) 866-3567). Written comments, objections, or requests for informal conference regarding the permit renewal application may be sub­mitted to and additional information obtained from the Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety, 1313 Sherman St., Room 215, Den­ver, CO, 80203-2273, phone (303) 866-3567. Written comments or objections must be submitted to the Division within thirty (30) days of the last publication of this notice. Published in the Delta County Independent September 14, 21, 28 and October 5, 2022


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