TOWN OF PAONIA SEPTEMBER 2020 DISBURSEMENTS North Fork Service (Reedy's) (370.52)VOID Advance Plumbing & Heating 236.00 BO JAMES NERLIN, PC 5,502.00 Caselle, Inc 989.00 CDPHE 350.00 City of Delta 432.00 Colorado Canopies, LLC 705.00 Dairy Specialists, LLC 1,072.50 Delta County Independent (DCI) 299.36 Dependable Lumber, Inc. 590.69 Don's Market 140.29 Double J Disposal Inc 81.00 Elevate Fiber 356.42 EmTech Inc. 3,522.48 Enterprise Fund/Landfill Fee 2,794.25 Feather Petroleum Company Inc 625.75 IIMC 170.00 Jennmar Services 1,069.20 Paonia Car Wash 42.50 Leon, Susan 800.00 Master Petroleum Company Inc 486.97 North Fork Service (Reedy's) 813.83 Paonia Auto Parts 431.76 Paonia Farm & Home Supply Inc 397.35 Paonia Tree Services 10,000.00 Peak Spirits, LLC 350.00 Phonz + 1,401.14 Ricoh USA Inc 119.62 Schmueser Gordon Meyer,Inc. 11,323.00 Southwestern Systems, Inc 16,658.35 Susie Kaldis 275.00 The Paper-Clip LLC 315.45 Turtle Tracks 1,045.00 UNCC 49.17 Oldcastle SW Group Inc 609.28 Western Implement Company Inc 38.52 Winwater Corp 10,535.01 BO JAMES NERLIN, PC 195.00 CIRSA 350.00 Delta Montrose Electric Assn. 3,832.58 Don's Market 13.69 Double J Disposal Inc 52.50 Econo Sign & Barricade, LLC 1,201.12 Elevate Fiber 356.42 High Country Printing Inc 84.22 Jennmar Services 1,844.37 Mail Services, LLC. 398.70 North Fork Service (Reedy's) 370.52 Paonia Tree Services 9,100.00 Phonz + 1,401.14 Ricoh USA Inc 127.42 Robert's Enterprises Inc 100.00 Roop Excavating LLC 26,030.00 Southwestern Systems, Inc 794.00 TDS Telecom 317.01 Oldcastle SW Group Inc 2,776.52 Valentine, John 109.98 Winwater Corp 845.33 124,557.89 September 2020 Payroll 41,332.96 Published in the Delta County Independent November 11, 2020. DL-11701


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