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Democrats are setting us up for a catastrophe

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Dear Editor:

So-called global warming and resultant climate change are ostensibly being used to justify the war on coal and energy independence thus funneling trillions of dollars to radical Islamist regimes like Iran that are dedicated to the destruction of Western ideas and culture. But what if there is no global warming and therefore no climate change? What if there were, instead, something so sinister, so threatening to you and the ones you love as to be almost unbelievable. By destroy I mean an 85 percent or better death rate over a three-month period? What if it were possible to mitigate this scenario for $2 billion, but bills to do this were intentionally vetoed or held in committee i.e. not allowed a vote? What if the media, out of political correctness or belief did nothing to alert you to the danger?

Technology has made this scenario very plausible. It is Iranian military doctrine to defeat the U.S. and its allies requiring only five of these atomic devices to take down Western Europe and the U.S. Weighing less than 200 pounds, these devices require no heat shield since detonation is 300 miles up (no re-entry). A single device is able to take down the national power grid with a single explosion above Omaha (the center of the country). Once the power grid fails and almost all electronic devices fail including many car and truck engine computers, the transportation network is next as without power, pumps at gas stations and elsewhere no longer work nor do unprotected backup generators as their voltage and frequency electronic circuits are destroyed by the electromagnetic pulse (EMP). With the failure of the grid and backup generators there is no power for municipal water and sewage systems and they fail. The final coup de grace is the failure of cooling systems and the resultant meltdown of the nation's 137 nuclear power plants each of them making Fukishma and Chernobyl look like child's play as backup generators to keep the cores cool are destroyed by the EMP or run out of diesel.

Regardless of what motives you ascribe to politicians it is the Democrats, Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are setting us up supporting the war on coal and energy, removing sanctions, funding Iran and stopping the "Shield Act" Act that would offer some protection for the power grid from an Iranian, Korean or a solar EMP.

For your own protection and the ones you love, you must vote for Donald Trump as he will end the war on coal and energy independence and stop Iran from further developing and using such a horrible weapon. North Korea already has it. Regardless you need to protect yourself with food and water storage and a shielded backup generator at a minimum.

Mike Mason

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