DPD arrests stabbing suspect

By Pat Sunderland

DPD arrests stabbing suspect | delta,stabbing,police

Pablo Saldivar

The Delta Police Department has arrested Pablo Saldivar Jr., 19, for the stabbing that took place during the early morning hours of May 26. Saldivar has been charged with first degree assault (with a weapon) and aggravated robbery. He is being held at the Delta County Jail on a $60,000 bond.
The victim, an 18-year-old Caucasian male, was reportedly stabbed near the car wash at the intersection of Highway 50 and 92, but was able to make his way to Bradley's Convenience Store, where an employee kept pressure on a wound to the victim's neck while waiting for help to arrive.
According to an arrest affidavit filed by Officer Everett Neil, the victim reported he was attacked from the side "by immediately stabbing him with a knife, then telling him to get on the ground." The suspect, who was unknown to the victim, then stole a wallet, cell phone and cigarettes.
The victim was transported to Delta County Memorial Hospital, then airlifted to St. Mary's Hospital where he was treated and released.
He described the weapon as a fixed blade combat knife, approximately 8 inches in length, and his attacker as a Hispanic male, about 5'10" with tattoos on his face, including a tear drop near his eye.
The police department received a number of tips identifying potential suspects, but all were eliminated by the victim during a series of photo lineups.
Shortly after midnight on May 29, officers were notified of a Facebook post reporting the male party was at Bradley's. Although the suspect had left by the time they arrived, several individuals standing in front of the store were able to provide enough information about the suspect to lead officers to Saldivar's residence on West 2nd Street.
They contacted Saldivar and, with his permission, took his knife. They also took his photograph and prepared another lineup. This time the victim was able to identify his attacker and Saldivar was arrested.