Delta County Memorial Hospital

Delta County Memorial Hospital

Delta County, in coordination with Delta County Memorial Hospital, stated Wednesday afternoon via press release that they would not be disclosing the number of tests performed in Delta County at this time.

In a press release the county stated, “Testing may soon be done by commercial labs as well, and the number of these tests will likely not be made available, nor will the hospital have access to this information, assuming the tests are negative.”

The release also stated the number of positive results will be reported, and the case rate calculated for the population and the information will be presented as a daily update at 4 p.m. on the state website for review at

“We are working hard to identify county residents appropriate for testing, based on available screening criteria. When these individuals present to the screening centers, the testing will be done promptly, and results communicated to residents as soon as they are received,” the release stated, adding, “We encourage any resident who is interested in getting testing to first review the issue with their primary care provider, pose questions about what they should do via the help line (874-2172), or present to the screening center for evaluation.”

Earlier in the day the DCI reached out to Jacqueline Davis, Delta County Memorial Hospital Marketing Director, with questions concerning the hospital's ongoing response to COVID-19 which included questions on testing, additional preparation and supplies on hand. 

According to Davis, DCMH will release a statement regarding the paper’s questions on Thursday.

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