Delta City Hall

Delta City Hall on Main Street.

On March 18, Delta City Council held a special meeting to discuss a few topics in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to Delta Mayor Ron Austin, during this meeting council declared a public health emergency. He stated that this was done so that legally the city has the ability to apply for financial assistance for the city, its citizens and businesses when needed.

These funds will be distributed from the federal government, passed down to the state, the county and then to municipalities, he explained. The reality is that everyone will be needing this funding, and this allows for those who need it to have access to it.

The city’s main source of revenue is sales tax and if there are no sales happening, there is no revenue coming in.

Council also discussed how city council meetings will occur during this time. Austin said, though specifics have not been determined, it was decided that meetings will be done electronically and not in person.

Austin emphasised that everyone is in this together. For more information, a hotline has been set up to call: 970-874-2172.

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