Grand Mesa Fire 6/11/20

A fire burns on the lower Grand Mesa in the area of Squirrel Rock Road. A helicopter flies in front of the smoke.

The lower Grand Mesa fire that broke out in Cedaredge Thursday afternoon was reportedly 50% contained by 10:40 a.m., according to Delta County Emergency Management, who got the information from Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) Incident Command. With that, it was expected the fire would be fully contained by the end of the Friday.

“Fire crews remain on-scene working the fire with approximately 60 firefighters from local, state and federal agencies,” emergency response said.

The fire never left private land, leaving public Grand Mesa lands untouched by the blaze. There, on private land in the area of Squirrel Rock Road, the fire is allegedly contained from spreading further.

The evacuation order for the area, which had been issued at about 5:35 p.m. Thursday evening, was lifted the same night. That order had been in effect for residents between High Park Road and east to Highway 65, south to Brimstone Road and Ward Creek Road.

Until 100% containment is achieved, DFPC will continue to utilize its helicopter to perform water drops on the area.

High Park Road is closed and it is requested that people stay away from there and avoid Brimstone Road, as firefighters are using those roads to access the fire.

“These roads are narrow, and people parking along the roads to watch the fire restricts access for fire trucks,” emergency response said.

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