The early votes for the Delta County primary election came in at 7:17 p.m. Tuesday evening and were updated at 9:50 p.m., indicating that four candidates are out of the running.

Lauren Boebert came out ahead of Scott Tipton for the republican candidacy for the same position, with 4,030 votes to Tipton’s 2,541.

John Hickenlooper took the lead for the office of the U.S. Senator over Andrew Romanoff as the democratic candidate going forward, 2,056-1,457 votes.

Raymon Anthony Doane is in the lead over Gaylon Kent for the libertarian candidate for senator, 17 votes to 11.

Diane E. Mitsch Bush is ahead of James Iacino for the democratic candidacy for the 117th United States Congress, District 3. She has 2,031 votes to Iacino’s 1,339.

Everyone else is running unopposed and is therefore guaranteed a spot in the election process going forward. As of this point, early results indicate that Tipton, Romanoff, Kent and Iacino’s candidacies are over for this election.

Anyone wishing to view updates as votes continue to be processed can find them at

The DCI will update this article as details change.

This article was last updated to reflect the 9:50 p.m. update online.

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