By Wayne Crick

Sports editor

Delta County high school athletes (Cedaredge, Delta, Hotchkiss, Paonia) will begin weight training and athletics on June 1. All student-athletes will need to have is their own water bottles for the sessions.

Precautions are in place to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Anyone having any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, headaches, body aches, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste, or loss of smell are asked to stay at home until:

A — You have had no fever for at least 72 hours (three full days without fever without using fever-reducing medicines);

B — Symptoms have improved (such as coughing or shortness of breath have improved, as an example);

C — At least 10 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared.

Participants are asked to contact their pertaining coach for times and further information for his/her sport.

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