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Is it just me?

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Dear Editor:

I am absolutely amazed that computers can do what they do. Because I have no children in school, society still doesn't require that I have one with internet access at all times, YET. It seems to me that the average sheep (society) won't focus on the actual reality that, collectively, we are eliminating future human contact, when enough of us choose the kiosk machine at a McDonalds. I have watched several of you walk directly to a kiosk with your credit cards, when there are no other customers around. Do you desire to have no more cashiers and no more cash? You are being counted and monitored, whether you choose to "SCAN and GO," or a person who can type in the items numbers when the UPC code won't scan. When your child's credit card is denied in the year 2053, although the card works at Auto Zone, the computer says that you can't eat.

Then comes my favorite question of the 21st century, "Why won't it let me do that?" If your car would only work 70% of the time, I'll bet that you would make some transportation adjustments. And please don't buy a car that drives itself. Why, price, of course, Also, as with some new Nissan vehicles, they come standard with automatic brakes. That's amazing, and I truly don't have a problem with another braking system that can save me from my own or another's error in judgement. Our problem is with people who will naturally adjust their driving habits, by letting the computer do their braking in parking lots, then later on side streets. I'm sure that automatic braking on the highway will be too abrupt, therefore we will adjust. We will control our braking at high speeds, and let the system stop us in town. That's wonderful until the return trip from Denver covers the motion sensor with mag chloride, rendering the system inoperable. Because we adjusted for the computer, the inoperable brakes will be blamed for your first parking lot fender bender, and points against your license.

If you automatically hit the wrong red neck's vehicle, there could be serous consequences for you. Maybe we could decide to be controlled by something with a "conscience."

Unforeseen circumstances are why people with a "conscience" need to control our own destiny.

May I share another red neck perspective with you? I have maintained a "lifetime boycott" of all telemarketers, no matter what is said to me. I made a deal with myself, after a few years of borderline abuse. Of course, that boycott was implemented in the early 80s.

Have I made a difference? Absolutely. When I buy what the telemarketers are pushing, but I buy the stuff at a retail store during the last 40 years and counting, I am making a difference.

If you can kind of see my point, for the children, retail business owners, etc., please continue to help ensure that they will still have the option of lunch in 2053, even if the system is down again.

My latest trip to my original planets, revealed to me that "red neck" is not a four-letter word and comedian Jeff Foxworthy, was only joking about them to make us laugh at ourselves, and we did.

If you choose to live on a ranch, farm, the country, or a town the size of Delta or smaller, you are part red neck. Which parts and what percentage, is all up to you.

For your family, and mine, maybe my Red-Neck perspective can help some of you to take a couple of steps backwards, in order for the computers to allow you to move forward. Thanks veterans, for the freedom to vent.

Tom Carpenter
Founder: Red-Neck Pride Brigade (RNPB)

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