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It's time for America to pull together

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Dear Editor:

I feel so sad ... not because of who won and who lost the election and/or the amendments but for all the hate and disrespect of humans on other humans! A ton of what I'm seeing, hearing and reading is filled with so much anger and hate. Even some things, be it a Facebook post or a overheard conversation or whatever, starts out sounding positive and gets turned into something hateful and ugly. Whether you were pro Hillary or pro Trump or pro Johnson ... everybody should be pro AMERICA. Which is what we all are -- AMERICAN. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I'm sorry if you don't agree with it but there are many that may not agree with yours either. To each their own. I personally am worried about the world we brought my amazing daughter into, but the saddest part is the fear isn't all about who is or isn't running our country, it's about the people in our country and the way we are acting. I personally don't know if there was a real win. No matter who won the election, both options had terrifying traits and even some decent ones and sadly Johnson never had a chance but at the end of the day, Trump won. He is our president. America's president. Every new president is scary. We cannot see the future and what they will bring but in the end, he is our president, voted in by OUR country's people. Does that mean I support everything he says or says he wants to do -- no. But I am an American and will stand by America's president and leader.

I have many LGBT friends and some family and I will always support them however I can. I 100 percent believe love is love and support their rights. I also have many friends of a variety of ethnicities. I support their rights as well.

Those of you who didn't vote, don't get to complain. Those of you who voted Hillary ... the point of election and voting is for there to be a winner and a loser, decided by the people. People who you may or may not be close to, people who stand in front of you at the store, the humans and Americans you are around all the time. And those who voted Trump, stop gloating and what seems to be trying to get a rise from people. What's done is done, the people have spoken and Trump is the president of the United States of America. I am scared, too. I'm scared for the USA my daughter will know, already a different one from the one my generation knew growing up and way different for generations before. But I was honestly pretty scared either way. If you agree with it or not, it's what's happening and we all need to move on and realize all the hate, anger and violence happening is not going to fix what you are upset about. If anything, it's part of the problem! Be the change you wanna see in the world!

I for one would like to see more kindness, more helping hands, more understanding and more pride. I am a proud American. My amazing grandpas and my outstanding dad fought for this country and its people, as well as many others have fought and/or are currently fighting. Thank you all so very much for your service and to the too many that have lost their lives. Let's show them a proper thanks by fixing what's happening! How about rather than "in hatred and anger we stand," we go back to "united we stand," as Americans. Everyone needs to pull America together and move on.

Erin Jackson
Grand Junction

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