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Preliminary budget figures look good for 50J

The governor's 2019 budget could pump an additional $1.3 million into the general fund of Delta County School District #50. That's good news for a school district that falls in the bottom 25 percent of per-pupil funding in Colorado.

Cedaredge adopts $4.2 million budget for 2019

At the Dec. 13 Cedaredge Board of Trustees meeting, the trustees approved a number of resolutions, including adopting and appropriating the 2019 budget. This budget was first presented to the trustees a month ago, on Nov. 8.

County adopts $36.6M budget

At a special meeting on Dec. 6, the county commissioners adopted the 2019 budget in the amount of $36,617,003.

This amount includes $12,388,739 for the General Fund;

Cedaredge trustees to approve town budget Dec. 13

Following a series of public budget work sessions and the public publication of a draft budget, the Town of Cedaredge Board of Trustees will meet in regular session Dec. 13 to officially adopt the town's 2019 budget. Time is allotted for constituent comments at the start of all regular board of trustee meetings.

County holds public hearing on 2019 proposed budget

Delta County Commissioners Doug Atchley, Don Suppes and Mark Roeber held a public hearing for the proposed 2019 budget on Monday, Dec. 3.

The 2019 budget will be adopted by the commissioners at 9 a.m. on Dec. 10.

Atchley responds to criticism of budget

Prior to a budget hearing conducted by the Delta County Commissioners Monday morning, and during constituent time the morning of the commissioners' Dec. 3 meeting, Delta County Citizen Report president JoAnn Kalenak read a letter accusing the county of violating Colorado State Statutes in its preparation of the proposed 2019 budget.

City to add police officers, marketing position in 2019

The City of Delta is in the process of finalizing a budget that anticipates a 2 percent increase in revenue, but a 15 percent increase in expenditures. To maintain a balanced budget, transfers will be required from the city's enterprise funds.

Public hearing on county's budget slated for Dec. 3

Delta County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the 2019 county budget on Monday, Dec. 3, at 1:30 p.m. in Room 236 of the county courthouse.

County administrator Robbie LeValley points out some major accomplishment for the 2019 budget.

Paonia adopts $3 million budget

Following a series of public workshops and discussions, Paonia trustees approved of the final draft of the fiscal year 2019 budget with no final changes and little comment from the public.

The board's been working on this budget for three months," said Mayor Charles Stewart during the requisite public hearing on the proposed $3 million budget.

City weighs budget needs, wants

The Delta City Council, while reviewing an extensive list of programs and projects for 2019, plus requests for five new employees, faced the grim reality that sources of new revenue are limited. While sales tax collections are up 5.47 percent year to date, voters soundly rejected a half-cent sales tax increase that would have generated up to $1 million for parks, recreation and golf.

Cedaredge 2019 budget is available

The Town of Cedaredge Board of Trustees and town staff are continuing to work on the preliminary 2019 town budget leading up to adoption in December. The final draft budget has been submitted to the trustees and made available to the public.

City budget discussion focuses on marketing, law enforcement, DCED

The Delta City Council has held a series of work sessions to discuss the city's budget for 2019. Council members have heard presentations from all department heads and city manager David Torgler as they tweak expenditures for the coming year.

Orchard City expects more revenue in 2019

On Oct. 10, the 2019 proposed budget was presented to the Orchard City Board of Trustees. Highlighted are the following:

Hotchkiss trustees review 2019 budget, mobile home regs

Last Thursday, Hotchkiss trustees dug into the 2019 budget and opened discussions on revisions to the town's mobile home regulations.

The town anticipates modest increases in revenues from property tax and specific ownership tax, but mineral leasing and severance taxes continue to drop off.

Paonia's draft 2019 budget tops $3 million

Following several work sessions beginning on Aug. 28, the Town of Paonia is looking at passing a balanced budget of just over $3 million.

The draft budget estimates total revenues for 2019 of $3,037,022 and total expenses of $3,076,071.

Cedaredge trustees review latest draft of 2019 budget

The 2019 budget is continuing to take shape. The current draft budget is balanced and all funds are projected to carry a cash balance forward on Dec. 31, 2019.

Crawford eyes rate hikes as it develops budget

The Crawford Town Council reviewed a draft of the town's 2019 budget during its regular meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 3.

In connection with reviewing the draft budget, the trustees discussed the need to raise water and sewer fees to offset growing expenses and to build reserves to a reasonable level.

Paonia budget talks continue

A public workshop on the Town of Paonia's 2019 budget will be held at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 9, prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting at 6:30 p.m. If needed, another workshop is scheduled for 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 23.

Budget workshops continue

The Town of Cedaredge board of trustees will continue to discuss the 2019 town budget during a work session on Thursday, Sept. 13. The budget work session will begin at 5 p.m. followed by a regular town work session.

County begins 2019 budget with rebounding economy

On Aug. 30, county administrator Robbie LeValley met with department directors to begin the process of formulating the county's 2019 budget. The county commissioners were also in attendance.

Cedaredge trustees tackle 2019 budget

After one work session on Aug. 16, it's early in the budget process and some figures presented by staff to the town of Cedaredge Board of Trustees will need to be revised. The preliminary expenditures requested by town departments exceed preliminary projected revenues by nearly $1.2 million.

Budget process begins in Cedaredge

The Town of Cedaredge board of trustees met for a seven-hour session on Thursday, Aug. 16, to hear from town departments regarding their budgetary priorities. It's early in the budget process and some figures presented by staff are firm while others need to be revised.

Cedaredge trustees begin 2019 budget process

The Town of Cedaredge has canceled the usual monthly work session which would have been held on Aug. 9. Instead town trustees will focus on the process of planning next year's town budget.

Cedaredge sets budget calendar

The Town of Cedaredge Board of Trustees met for a work session on Thursday, July 12. The work session was a discussion-only meeting with no action taken.

Salaries, security top 50J budget priorities

Legislative action at the state capitol has paved the way for 4.6 percent salary increases for Delta County School District employees. As an added benefit, health insurance costs are holding steady and an increase in employee contributions to PERA, the state retirement system, won't take effect until July 2019.

OC looks at different way to budget road maintenance

Trustee Bob Eckels, Orchard City's road committee chairman, opened a meeting on Thursday, Dec. 14, to consider a budget proposal for road funding in 2018 and beyond. Eckels stated that the information gathered would be set for consideration at a later date.

Supplemental budget approved

Delta County Commissioners passed a supplemental budget for 2017 at their Dec. 18 meeting. The supplemental budget addresses circumstances not foreseen at the time the 2017 budget was adopted.

Delta City Council wrestles with appropriations

Delta City Council members readily agreed to supplemental appropriations for 2017, but hesitated when making appropriations for the coming year.

Tod DeZeeuw, explained the unanticipated revenues and expenditures contained in the supplemental appropriations ordinance considered by council members Dec. 5.

County adopts $34.4 million budget

The Delta County 2018 budget in the amount of $34,427,504 was adopted Monday by county commissioners Doug Atchley, Mark Roeber and Don Suppes.

The budget was submitted by county administrator Robbie LeValley, who noted it was prepared by a countywide interdepartmental budget team under the supervision and guidance of the Board of County Commissioners.

Cedaredge will spend reserves on needed projects

Nov. 30 marked the public hearing for the Town of Cedaredge's 2018 budget. This hearing was preceded by three board of trustee work sessions which were open to the public on Aug. 17, Sept. 14, and Oct. 12.

Crawford ready to adopt budget

The Crawford town council will finalize the 2018 budget on Wednesday, Dec. 6. It will hold a public hearing, beginning at 6:45 p.m., and will adopt the budget during the regular meeting, beginning at 7 p.m.

Crawford tightens budget after voters say 'no' to tax hike

Crawford voters again said no to a tax increase in last week's election, forcing the town board to tighten an already austere budget. Work on that budget continued when the trustees met one day after 65 percent of the voters turned down a 5 mill increase in property tax which would have added $14,000 to the town's revenues.

Cost of services outpaces sales tax growth in Delta

The City of Delta is finalizing a budget for 2018 that maintains current services without any rate increases for water, trash, sewer or electrical service. But to keep the budget balanced, the city will have to dip into reserves.

Paonia budget hearing is Nov. 14

The Town of Paonia will hold a public hearing on the draft 2018 town budget at the Nov. 14 meeting of the board of trustees. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.

Priorities are emerging as Crawford trustees talk budget

The process of crafting a town budget is long, and sometimes tedious. The Crawford Town Council began to delve deeper into the numbers during its regular work session on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

Paonia looking closer at sales tax allocation

The amount Paonia trustees must cut from the 2018 draft budget increased from $83,000 to $165,800 during last week's budget meeting. The deficit increase resulted from trustees' decisions to eliminate a proposed impact fee on enterprise funds and to restrict $40,000 in Samuel Wade Bridge reserve funds to bridge repairs.

Paonia begins budget discussion

Creation of a public utilities impact fee, an increase in the property tax mill levy, and an increase in sales tax rates are all on the table as the Town of Paonia heads into 2018 budget season. At the first of several scheduled budget work sessions, trustees and staff were presented last week with an intentionally out-of-balance draft budget by town administrator Ken Knight.

Not much wiggle room as Crawford trustees talk budget

The voters of Crawford will have a large voice in what next year's town budget will look like. On this year's ballot, the town is seeking an increase in its mill levy, looking to replace shrinking severance mineral taxes from the coal industry.

Cedaredge begins to shape 2018 budget

Cedaredge trustees began the process of setting a budget for the coming year on Thursday, Aug. 17, spending time with town staff and department heads discussing spending needs.

Street maintenance was one of the items discussed. The town is budgeting $110,000 for this, "And this won't be cut," said Trustee Al Smith.

Mayor seeks citizens' input

Mayor Ken Volgamore has scheduled a town board work session discussion about the issues of declining town revenues, dwindling cash reserves in town budget funds, and ideas for addressing the two problems, ideas that include allowing marijuana businesses to operate in Orchard City as a means of generating tax revenue.

Orchard City searches for ways to fund budget

The Orchard City trustees, at their Jan. 4 work session, opened a dialog on the problem of declining town revenues, dwindling cash reserves, and on possible ways to reverse the trends.

Among the ideas suggested was whether to allow marijuana businesses to operate in town and so provide more tax revenue for local government.

County's 2017 budget increases by 13%

In spite of economic headwinds from the Bowie Mine shutdown and declining sales tax, severance tax revenues and mineral leasing payments, the county commissioners last week appropriated $31.5 million for the 2017 budget -- an amount $3.79 million higher, or 13 percent more than the county's 2016 budget.

Cedaredge budgets for donations

According to a report to the Cedaredge trustees, the town will spend $39,756 in 2017 for the following memberships, in-kind contributions and cash contributions:

Membership to organizations include the following:

City's 2017 budget holds steady

No increases in city utility rates are anticipated in the 2017 budget that's currently being reviewed by the Delta City Council.

Even better, no budget cuts are anticipated because sales tax revenues are holding steady.

Paonia budget hearing

The Paonia board of trustees will hold a public hearing on the draft fiscal year 2017 budget at the Nov. 22 board meeting.

The draft budget projects general fund revenues of $605,013 and expenses of $603,190.

Crawford budget hearing set

The first draft of the Town of Crawford budget for fiscal year 2017 is now available for review during regular hours at Crawford Town Hall. The town council will hold a public hearing on the draft at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Orchard City considers $1.9 million budget

Orchard City trustees got their first glimpse of the town's proposed 2017 budget document at their regular meeting Oct. 12.

The budget proposal delivered to trustees calls for a total $1.93 million in planned spending for next year.

Paonia budget workshop tonight

The Town of Paonia will address the fiscal year 2017 draft budget at a special budget workshop session beginning at 6 p.m. today at Town Hall. Trustees voted unanimously to accept the draft budget at the Oct. 11 board meeting.

Mill levy discussion, budget on tonight's agenda in Crawford

At tonight's regularly-scheduled monthly work session, the Town of Crawford will discuss the proposed mill levy increase that voters will decide on in the Nov. 8 election. Delta County assessor Debbie Griffith will be on hand to answer questions and explain how the proposed 5-mill increase will affect taxes.

Preliminary budget released Monday

Release Monday of the county's preliminary budget for 2017 shows projected general fund spending of $11.1 million, up from $10.6 million estimated for 2016. The 2017 general fund amount includes $3.9 million from property tax receipts.

Work to balance Cedaredge budget continues

Cedaredge town administration and board are trying to work through budget issues. A big projected general fund deficit has been trimmed, but more work needs done.

Trustees look for ways to cut draft budget imbalance
Trustees look for ways to cut draft budget imbalance

City department wish lists for capital spending along with expected income declines in some areas have created a Cedaredge draft budget for 2017 that is "way upside down" in the general fund, noted Town Administrator Katie Sickles during a budget work session last week.

Trustees and town staff met in the Sept. 8 session to establish priorities for spending requests in the general fund and other budget funds.

Day-long session begins Cedaredge's budget talks

The Cedaredge trustees will hold their annual budget work session on Thursday, Aug. 18, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the public is being invited to attend all or any portion or event.

Moving through their day-long agenda, trustees will hear from town staff on various categories of budget expenses and on particular line item expenditures that department heads will want included in their spending plans for 2017.

Learn about Paonia's budget

The Town of Paonia will hold a special board of trustees orientation session from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday, June 9. The agenda will focus solely on the adopted 2016 budget and associated financial issues and the town's goals and priorities related to the budget.

Orchard City anticipates lower tax revenues

Orchard City's long-term financial outlook as described in the 2016 budget cites examples of declining revenues in some key areas.

However, balanced against that, the town's cash position and available funds and fund balances in budget accounts show a healthy underlying financial picture.

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