Needed sidewalk repair to be made

By Hank Lohmeyer

Needed sidewalk repair to be made | Cedaredge, sidewalk

Photo by Hank Lohmeyer Cedaredge street crews hope to enhance pedestrian safety with the upcoming improvement of a section of sidewalk in the 100 block of South Grand Mesa Drive.

A needed sidewalk repair that will add to pedestrian safety is being planned by the public works department, according to a report presented at the March 17 meeting of the Cedaredge town board.

The steel tread plate that spans a paved walkway in the 100 block of South Grand Mesa Drive will get a work over. According to the presentation, "[We are] happy to say that we are going to fix the sidewalk at 130 S. Grand Mesa Drive. That's in front of the Cedaredge Dental Clinic. We will be replacing the sidewalk and redoing the frame for the metal plate that covers the ditch. This will be so much safer."

In a separate matter, town hall has a new phone system, a VOIP set up (voice over Internet protocol).

Phone extensions for town hall with the new system are as follows: operator, 0; building inspector, 106; intern, 107; front desk, 110; extra phone in front, 111; town clerk, 112; town administrator, 113; mayor, 114; finance director, 115.

According to town administrator Katie Sickles, "The phones have many great features we are enjoying. However, we anticipate poor quality, dropped calls and intermittent service when Internet traffic is high."