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Neither candidate is fit to lead this great nation

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Dear Editor:

To the two major presidential candidates, the Republican and Democrat party leaders will you please claw your way out of the gutter you have dragged the rest of us into? A game of who can out accuse the other of deceit, crimes, bigotry based on sex, race, religion, gender, marital status, etc., and who is least fit to lead this nation. What is going on is an outright embarrassment to the majority of Americans and only fans the flames of bias and violence.

I ask you to name one country in the world that has a problem with being overrun with American immigrants. We give foreign aid to over 100 countries each and every year, a majority with strong anti-American feelings and actions. Name me one country that provides foreign aid to the United States.

Yet much of the world wants into the United States and none turn down our money even though some who have vowed to destroy us and everything this country stands for.

We are still the shining star on the hill but you have thrown a lot of manure that is starting to diminish the brightness of that star. I would also remind you and everyone what Theodore Roosevelt said back in 1915 "a hyphenated American is not an American at all." Quit trying to divide us by categorizing us, we are simply Americans.

So Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton I say neither of you is fit to lead this great nation. To the two major parties I say shame on you if this is the best you can come up with. Perhaps it is time for another revolution, a revolution of the rank and file to restructure your leadership and direction.

So as a solution to the mess you have created I am suggesting that we all write in either Mike Pence or Tim Kaine for president. Whichever one you pick write in the other for vice president, a true bi-partisan solution. Then maybe the rest of the political establishment will realize what our founders set forth that has made us the envy of the world, we the people are the government.

I really would like to get this manure off my boots.

Tom Huerkamp
Orchard City

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