Grand Mesa

Lake ice is still unstable, but Grand Mesa snowfall is filling up the surrounding forest in this scene from Cobbett Lake.

After frosty days, the lower elevations of Delta County are experiencing a mixture of sunshine and light snow along with warming temperatures. Meanwhile winter-like weather has taken hold on portions of Grand Mesa.

As of Nov. 3, Mike and Rose Wenner, owners of Grand Mesa Lodge, recorded between 6-12 inches of new snow although much of that modest amount had melted by press time. Grand Mesa Lodge is situated at 10,500 feet in a rustic area just off Highway 65 and adjacent to Island Lake so the weather there is a good reflection of what’s happening on the Delta County side of Grand Mesa.

According to Mike’s recent email: “This year we had 18 inches of snowfall in October compared to last year’s 35 inches in October. We are currently at 109% of average for this time of year. So nothing to worry about yet. Although early November looks dry and warm.”

For more information, including a live webcam view of the area, visit their website:

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