Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

The Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center (GMAEC), like most businesses, felt the direct impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. In the wake of the stay-at-home order, the arts center closed its doors to the public.

Now, as the State of Colorado transitions away from stay-at-home status, the GMAEC plans to open back up on May 15, said Deborah Shaffer, executive director. At that time, it will be open with precautions, allowing small groups inside.

Until then, however, the arts center is not sitting idle. Events will continue to happen right up until a time when people can physically visit again. Most immediately, David Starr will perform a concert, “Beauty and Ruin,” over Facebook Live at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 28. That’s free to join for anyone who wants a concert at home.

Meanwhile, a non-traditional art show is happening now, but it’s not the typical walk-in art show the community has grown used to. Instead, anyone who wishes to view and admire the artistic works of Larry Dumler can visit the Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center’s website at to view the online gallery.

This gallery features a slideshow presentation of Dumler’s work, complete with the descriptions and tags that would normally be included on the artwork on the walls of the arts center.

The GMAEC’s art shows will return to their regular style at a later date, Shaffer said. The online presentation is a temporary measure.

Little things are happening on the side as well, Shaffer said. They always have been.

General Board Member Terry Hotz has been collecting donated art supplies for the schools as it comes in from the community, Shaffer said. “We’re still doing that and looking for art supplies again this week.”

The art supplies go out to students as an addition to their Delta Schools provided lunch. According to the April 21 GMAEC newsletter, 50 students received art supplies on Friday, April 17 due to these donations. A donation box is available to the public to leave supplies, located outside the arts center. Anyone wishing to leave supplies can email Shaffer at for the lock combination.

Anyone wishing to make a monetary donation can call Shaffer at 970-250-6266 or Hotz at 970-216-7446.

Also, anyone who wishes to know more about the Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center and its current events can subscribe to the weekly email newsletters by going to, scrolling to the bottom of the page and filling out the form.

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