Creations on Main

Creations on Main is Alena Windedahl and Manny Sena's brick and mortar location upcoming on Delta Main Street. Meanwhile, their catering service A&M.Creations operates out of Cedaredge.

By Lucas Vader

Staff Writer

The Town of Cedaredge welcomed a new business with some old faces this past month, as Alena Windedahl and Manny Sena launched a new catering service, A&M.Creations.

According to co-owner Windedahl, she and her partner are by no means new to either the area or their industry.

“We’ve been in the food industry for quite a while just working in different restaurants in the area,” she said. “And then COVID put us out of work and we’ve had to take on other jobs, which was great during the time being, but in the meantime, we were able to start focusing, realizing we could make something like this happen and so we just worked while we could, and now that we’re ready, we’re not working for anybody but for ourselves.”

The pair’s local food service experience has included most recently at T’s Grill, and before that, a time at Creekside Cafe. In all, between the two partners, they operate their new service with a combined level of experience spanning more than 30 years.

Furthermore, Windedahl and Sena have big news beyond their Cedaredge business, as they are on the cusp of opening a new brick and mortar restaurant location on Delta Main Street, called Creations on Main. It’s address is 305 Main St., meaning it’s a next door neighbor to the distinct Delta Area Chamber of Commerce, residing within the same building.

“We’re just wanting to give the area a good date night, you know, a place to go,” Windedahl said of the upcoming restaurant. “People have said that, other than Daveto’s, there’s not a lot of date night places close by without having to go to Montrose or something.”

Windedahl explained that she and Sena have lived in Delta County for more than 25 years, with the last eight years being in Cedaredge. They’ve grown to know the area and have gained a staff following from past jobs.

The goal for both sides of the operation is to offer an extensive menu of varying options to fit a broader range of community expectations.

“We do have quite a bit of options when it comes to our catering and the restaurant menu will be comparable,” Windedahl said. “We’ll do a range of food. We do specialties, specials, American food, burgers, tacos, sandwiches, but we do do steaks and a little bit of seafood.”

The Delta location is planned to open within the week, and judging on how busy it is, Windedahl said she and Sena have plans for proper staffing regardless.

“We have a staff that we’ve kind of maintained,” Windedahl said. “They’ve worked with and for us in the past and they’ve kind of just stuck by us and they’ve helped us come along as a business.”

According to Windedahl, they have five steady people on whom they can rely, and having plenty of prior local food industry experience, they have a useful amount of knowledge on where to find more employees should their situation demand it. Depending on how the restaurant and catering service work out, she indicated she was confident they’d have the appropriate number of employees lined up to make it work.

Even during these busy times of preparing the Delta restaurant for its soft opening in the very near future, the partners are still managing the A&M.Creations catering service from home in Cedaredge, and the plan is for that to continue alongside the brick and mortar business.

Beyond creating food, Windedahl stated that they both like to think of it more as creating the whole experience.

“We really like to please people and see people enjoying themselves while they’re having the meal,” Windedahl said. “To us, it’s more than just something to eat.”

Windedahl commended their support in the Cedaredge area as they got their services going. “We’re just excited and happy to meet people in Delta, and we have a good following in Cedaredge, so it’ll be fun to meet people in Delta and expand our business even more,” she said.

Anyone interested in looking into catering services through A&M.Creations can contact Windedahl at 970-201-1338 or The group is also on Facebook.

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