On Aug. 25, a video surfaced on Facebook depicting officers of the Delta Police Department conducting themselves in an unprofessional manner during an arrest. While the video shows only a short segment of the encounter, it captures behavior unacceptable to the standards of a Delta police officer.

The DPD has worked very hard to earn the trust and support of the Delta community. The DPD is regretful this situation was conducted in the manner in which it was. The department cannot comment directly on personnel issues, but can assure the community it serves, it is gathering all the facts and will be taking immediate corrective action to ensure this type of situation does not repeat itself.

The chief and commander wish to thank the citizens who took the time to bring this video to the department’s attention. The DPD is committed to all of the Delta community, and will continue to work diligently to gain, regain and keep your trust and support.

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