Little Free Library at the Cedaredge Foodtown

Cedaredge Women’s Literary Club and invited guests attend the dedication of the newest Little Free Library at the Cedaredge Foodtown.

Staff Report

In December, the Cedaredge Women’s Literary Club installed a “Little Free Library” in the breezeway between Stacy’s on Main and Starr’s Guitars. Now, the literary club has made an additionally contribution, this time at a location of heavy foot traffic.

This new free-use bookcase is at the entrance of the Cedaredge Foodtown, and it is dedicated to Pat Hopkins, who died in December.

The addition of the Little Free Library was done in accordance with Foodtown owner Blake Bynum. In order to leave the concrete undamaged, the case is installed on top of a rain barrel, donated by Susan Kunkel at Big John’s Lumber Ace store in Cedaredge.

The Cedaredge Women’s Literary Club thanked Sam Spiker, who donated his time and materials to build the base, post and barrel cover.

Hopkins, to whom the case was dedicated, had been a member of the Cedaredge Women’s Literary Club. According to Jane Everett, member of the literary club and curator at the Pioneer Town Museum, stated that the organization liked to dedicate Little Free Library locations to members they have lost.

The case was placed at noon on Thursday, and a short ceremony followed. Hopkins’ son, Glenn Hopkins, spoke of his mother’s dedication to literacy and the power of books and reading.

Little Free Libraries are largely part of a network, with a website and map of documented sites available online at

The idea behind these cases is for members of the community to “take a book, share a book.” In simple terms, Little Free Library is built on the honor system of residents borrowing books and taking them back when finished, or donating other books in its place, thereby ensuring a constant rotation and change out of choices.

The Cedaredge Foodtown’s new Little Free Library is the third location within the Town of Cedaredge, with one being in the downtown breezeway earlier mentioned and the other being on the deck of the Stolte Packing Shed at the Pioneer Town Museum.

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