Isaac Daye has faced many trials in his life and through it all he still has a heart for helping others in his country. His home? Monrovia, Liberia, Africa. He thanks God that he and his family survived living in a war-torn country and later during the Ebola outbreak.

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A Back Page subject should generate a thousand words and half a dozen photos and Katie Greenwood and the Future Farmers of America (FFA) certainly meet those requirements. Greenwood is a Cedaredge High School (CHS) teacher who serves as agriculture (ag) instructor and FFA advisor. Asked to i…

Growing up in Olathe, Ron Pottberg never dreamed he'd leave. But for the past 33 years he has been a teacher for the international World Bible School traveling the globe, meeting ambassadors, dignitaries and community leaders.

George and Sandra Barrie share distinctive Scottish accents, as well as a love of music, but their forms of expression are wildly disparate. Sandra is a vocalist who sang with the Del-Rose Chorus of Sweet Adelines International for 25 years. When the local female a cappella group joined forc…

Asked a few years ago to create a personal mission statement, Cedaredge resident Phyllis Hoffman knew just how to begin. "I have known ever since I was a child," she wrote, "that God gave me a special purpose."

To many Delta County residents, Don Chapman is the pharmacist in the white coat who not only fills prescriptions, but also offers helpful advice about possible side effects and how a new prescription might interact with other medications.

With summer heating up and the Fourth of July imminent, thoughts of patriotism inform the holiday alongside the parades and the fireworks and the ice cream. In the North Fork Valley there is an ever-increasing group of dedicated workers who show their regard for country and home by donating …

This Friday, "My Western Life: Paintings of a Tree Hugging Cowgirl," opens at The Cirque Cyclery in Paonia. Featuring paintings by Paonia artist Cedar Keshet, the show takes its viewers on a journey of the west's landscapes, but not in a typical, beautiful landscape-painting way.

The list of Virginia Blackstock's creative accomplishments and honors are nearly as tall as the petite artist herself. In addition to her considerable talent as an internationally-recognized watercolorist, she has a background of performance in dance and theater, plus she's an extensive trav…

If you think yaks are only found in the Himalayas, think again. Forty years ago yaks were virtually nonexistent in the United States but their numbers are climbing. As a ranch animal, the yak is a jack of all trades. With proper training yaks can be ridden, packed for backpacking, pull a plo…

When Ty Gallenbeck saw David Blaine's "Street Magic" while a student in college, he was so intrigued he was determined to figure out how the world-famous magician was able to pull off his spectacular tricks. He bought a book that explained a lot of the moves he saw on TV, and he watched the …

How many people get to return to scenes of their childhood and share those idyllic spots with young and old alike? Cedaredge resident, Alma Stewart Evans, PhD is one of those lucky few.

Our mission as an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) nonprofit organization is to unite Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts and supporters in an environmentally friendly atmosphere by promoting an attitude of public service, volunteerism, and safe responsible OHV riding practices, "while using not …

He's known as a builder of bamboo fly rods, a longtime fly fishing guide, fly-tying expert, author, and authority on the history of fly fishing and antique fly fishing equipment.

With a life filled with family, a chiropractic practice, music, sculpture, Dr. Mary Kleinsorge -- known to most people as Dr. Mary -- says purpose is of primary importance.

(Editor's note: This piece is excerpted from "Heroes of the Dark Staircase," written by Helen Denison while she recovered from her Labor Day accident in the rugged mountains east of Paonia.)

Ranching isn't easy, nor always profitable, but for two Delta County ranchers, Piedmontese cattle may be the key to agricultural success. Gayle Ware, Hotchkiss, first learned about Piedmontese cattle from her father. At that time, the breed had been in the U.S. for only about 10 years.

As Rene Janiece and Wayne McKinzie prepared for their 2011 wedding in northern New Mexico, things were rolling smoothly along -- like a well-planned road trip. Then, two weeks before the ceremony, they encountered a pothole. The wedding band cancelled and the couple couldn't find a replaceme…

The March 6 Back Page feature on bird dogs incorrectly identified some of the hunters featured in photos. The photo of father and sons putting their bird dog through his paces was actually son Nate, father Charlie, and son Ian Rehfeldt. The Rehfeldt family lives in Montrose. Their bird dog, …

Addressing a roomful of bird dog enthusiasts last week, organizer Scott Johnson emphasized what the diverse group has in common: "We like bird dogs. We like birds. And we like to deliberately train dogs to be good hunters."

For much of his life, Ray Veatch has been interested in airplanes, particularly World War II fighters and bombers, but he avoided actually climbing into a small plane. "I get airsick," he told Pam Smythe when she invited him for a ride in her plane.

It will come as no surprise to women in their 30s that romance novels account for a quarter of all fiction sales in America, outpacing mysteries, fantasies and science fiction. In 2017 the Romance Writers of America® reported that 82 percent of romance readers are women in the 35-39 age rang…

Carole Lazo's passion for photography stretches back to her childhood near London, England. She recalled "always running around with a brownie box camera," often taking pictures of her five siblings.

It's cold outside and the Broncos are out of the Super Bowl picture. So if you're looking for things to do why not pay a visit to Delta County's local antique and resale emporiums? You'll discover cozy interiors, friendly faces, and items so unique that in some cases no one is exactly sure w…

The circus has come to Paonia. There's no big top, no elephants or tigers. Instead, this circus features mind-bending stunts, comedy and live acts from performing artists like Dominic Del Signore and Rikki Morehouse. These two Paonia residents are the forces behind Homestead Circus Productions.

Francie Mion of Delta is an illustrator of children's books. Francie and writer Lois Wickstrom have a series of Loretta books out, which have received praise from professionals in the literary world and delight among their young readers.

Clarence Fivecoate creates unique works of art with his wood lathe. During a visit to his shop, located behind his home in Delta, it doesn't take long to appreciate Fivecoate's extensive knowledge of wood varieties and their characteristics. He combines his technical expertise with an eye fo…

Tragedy can come at any time to anyone but it is how you deal with that tragedy that truly defines you.

Joe Milich loves texture and he sees it everywhere: in a shimmering sunset, in the classic lines of automobiles, and the sleek design of aircraft. The prolific artist has translated his love of texture and his insightful sense of color into an amazing body of work.

In 1858, the Colorado Gold Rush produced a wave of over 100,000 people into the Rocky Mountains, leading to the creation of the Colorado territory. Since then placer mining, or prospecting in water, has died down, with most of the easy-to-reach deposits being emptied by 1863.

When Paonia potters Sam Brown and Tara Miller married in the mid-1980s, they imagined selling their handmade pottery and living a simple life. She was educated in literature, he had a background in zoology, natural resources and recreation, and they shared a desire to visit the world's great…

Starting a business can be terrifying. And yet, six percent of the U.S. adult population owns their own business. Reasons for ditching the normal 9-5 and embarking on the entrepreneurial journey vary.

On Oct. 22, Conner Orchards in Hotchkiss processed six and half bins of apples into 370 bag-in-a-box five liter containers. Usually, not much can be done with these number two apples, leftovers or ugly fruit.

Shrieks and screams fill the air as Amanda Meredith leads youngsters through the haunted house she creates in the driveway of her home every year. The startled cries never fail to bring a smile to her face -- not because she's got a twisted sense of humor, but because her hard work has paid …

From Delta, Highway 50 meanders toward Grand Junction. It's a winding road with sweeping curves that closely mirror the path of the nearby Gunnison River. The river, which flows west of the roadway, is not visible from the pavement.

June Mills has been a familiar face and presence in Delta County for a long time. People who come to visit other residents at Crossroads Assisted Living often greet June in the hallway, or knock on her door and stop to visit for a few minutes.

Using an innovative program to mentor and provide longterm support, Families Plus is changing lives and helping children thrive. This month, it's celebrating 20 years of serving Delta County.

Today, garlic is a popular ingredient in cooking due to its strong smell and delicious taste. Throughout history, however, this herb's main use was for health and medicinal purposes.

When the Surface Creek Animal Shelter in Cedaredge held its grand re-opening in June 2018, the crowd of well-wishers got its first glimpse of the non-profit facility's new complex. The renovated building is amazing on two counts. First -- thanks to a combination of generous local donations a…

Women, and several husbands, continued the legacy of Orchard City Women's Club's first Friday of the month meeting on Friday, Sept. 7.

While a piece of metal or wood might not look like much to most, to Milner CNC it's an opportunity to personalize and explore the possibilities. From metal signs and art, to wooden business cards or log furniture, this Paonia business can engrave, cut, or design most materials and ideas.

When she turned 98, Mabel was asked what would enhance her already long life. Not a wish for something material -- like a new sweater -- but a wish for an experience she'd enjoy. Maybe something she'd never done before. After giving the matter considerable thought, she said, "I wish to fly a…

When Felix Belmont was born in the west side of Manhattan in 1918, Woodrow Wilson was president, the Great Depression was more than a decade away, and in response to World War I, publication of the U.S. Armed Forces newspaper Stars & Stripes had resumed after a long hiatus.

Nora Kniskern is a member of Women on the Move, bike riders who ride every Friday with their buddies. Their rides average about 30 miles. Recently their ride was from Paonia to Crawford, back by Needlerock to Paonia for lunch. Sometimes they schedule a longer ride or participate in local cha…

Up a private drive in Crawford a home sits at the top of a hill, overlooking the mountains. From the outside one might not be able to tell, but step through the door and the story becomes clear: woodwork is a speciality of someone inside.

For more than a decade the Kids' Pasta Project has prepared and served fresh pasta dinners to benefit North Fork area non-profit groups and causes. The experience teaches the kids who volunteer with KPP both the value of service to the community and relevant life skills.

He was born Rudyard Kerwood Loose in Kansas in 1926 but the name 'Bud' seemed to suit him better.

Each year, over $6.5 billion is spent on greeting cards in the U.S. alone. According to the Greeting Card Association, the most popular choices include birthday, thank-you, and of course, holiday cards like Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Family is more than a group of individuals bound by blood or marriage. It's a meaningful connection, it's an unbreakable bond -- and for the Reiher family, that bond is baseball.

Jenna Bemis lives in Orchard City atop a ridge from which she has a 360-degree view of the world surrounding her.


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