Downtown Delta saw another rally Saturday morning to early afternoon, as the Delta County GOP held an event to “Back the Blue” in support of law enforcement. The message of the event overall was displayed prominently on one of the larger banners: “Support Law and Order — Vote Republican.”

People on the highway honked their car horns to show support for the event, which was in support of Republican candidates for the upcoming election, including President Donald Trump, as well as Congress Candidate Lauren Boebert and House District 61 Candidate Kim McGahey.

McGahey made an appearance at the event and gave a talk on the matter, emphasizing that his desire is to be able to make “common sense” decisions on behalf of Colorado. As a 40-year resident of Breckenridge, McGahey’s platform is his belief in Constitutional freedoms including “term limits for all public offices, parental choices in education, a balanced state budget, less government regulation, a strong economic future for Colorado, fiscal responsibility and keeping Colorado clean and green,” according to his online campaign page, He added at the event that he was additionally in favor of protecting unborn babies of all colors, protecting the constitutional integrity of the electoral college and reopening Colorado’s economy, “erasing the democrats’ Corona-phobia and fear mongering.”

“The first thing I’m going to do when I get in the state house, we’re going to put sunset power on emergency powers for the governor,” McGahey said. “This nonsense about treating us like children and moving the goalpost down the field every two weeks so that he can retain his powers is un-American.”

He referenced the riots as well, accusing Gov. Jared Polis and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock of “standing idly by” while rioters have overrun the streets. He vouched for Sen. Cory Gardner, claiming an importance for his reelection.

“We need to make sure we take Colorado back, take this legislature back, or people are going to come in here and ruin not only our town, our Main Street, but our country as well,” McGahey said.

Multiple participants involved in the rally emphasized the connection between voting Republican this year and ensuring that there is support for law enforcement, particularly in these times of violent riots, excessive destruction of property and efforts to defund the police.

The Boebert horse trailer that has quickly become a noticeable icon around the Austin area particularly was parked alongside the rally, bearing a “Back the Badge” sign as an addition to the Boebert banner.

The event did, of course, sport numerous signs and banners in support of Back the Badge, which will be on November’s ballot for the second year in a row, as it failed last year. The safety tax initiative has been altered since last year as well. While last year it proposed a 1% increase in sales tax (a penny for every dollar spent within the county) and had no sunset clause, it’s now proposing a 0.8% increase with a sunset of 10 years.

As the primary focus was law enforcement, the event included attendance of Delta County Sheriff Mark Taylor, Undersheriff Quinn Archibeque and other deputies, as well as Cedaredge Police Chief Joe Roberts.

The event also included opportunities to purchase Trump gear and take home other Republican candidate merchandise.

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