North Road and Harts Basin Road

A small western-themed billboard once occupied this site in Eckert. Does anybody have a clue where it went? And can anyone recall the vintage flood that nearly claimed a house on Bull Mesa?

Two mysteries continue to swirl in the Surface Creek area. Perhaps a reader can provide information to help run these rumors to ground.

The first concerns a house once occupied by Dr. Charles Frey, a prominent Cedaredge physician. Although Dr. Frey maintained a successful practice and was a civic leader, rumors persist that he lost his house. No, the home wasn’t foreclosed, the doctor literally lost it, or at least part of it.

The story goes that Dr. Frey had a home on Bull Mesa. The place was situated on one of the area’s promontories overlooking Ward Creek Road. Sometime between the 1960s or 1970s, after the spot experienced a pounding rainstorm, an overflowing ditch washed away a portion of the structure’s foundation causing a section of the house to plummet into a ravine. The ravine is still there, but the house in question seems to have disappeared.

Does the story of the plummeting Frey home ring any bells?

The second mystery concerns the fate of a small billboard which once stood in Eckert at the intersection of North and Hart’s Basin Roads. A weathered sign used to stand there. It featured a painting of a cowboy. It too has disappeared. A reader is interested in locating the historic sign with an eye toward restoring it.

Anyone with information about either of these mysteries, please contact the DCI office at 970-874-4421. Or email and please put either “Frey House” or “Hart’s Basin Sign” in the subject line.

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